Short reviews about beers I've tried in Ireland and abroad

Here is my ratings on beers I’ve tried in Ireland and in places I’ve visited:


Peroni – ♣♣♣♣

We were drinking this smooth, 4.7% Italian beauty almost every day when we were in Sicily.  You may know it from its international brand name Nastro Azzurro. But trust me, its better in Sicily.


Tropical (Premium) – ♣♣

Before you start frantically running around the Canaries looking for an Irish pub, try Tropical. Its an okay alternative to Heineken, just be aware its 5.1%. Its international version gets terrible reviews online, however I found the premium to be a slightly nicer.

Overall it was disappointing, but at least it was cheap.


Cristal – ♣

Drink it fast because its gonna go flat in 5 minutes. Just a cheap beer that tastes slightly better from the bottle than the can. I wanted to try it from draft, but I couldn’t find anywhere that sold it. Price for a 330ml can ranged from 1.5CUC (equv $) to 3.

Bucanero Fuerte – ♣♣♣

By far the best choice for beer in Cuba. It is possible to get it on draft, but I recommend a bottle. Its slightly darker and has much more flavor that Cristal. I didn’t like the overly bitter aftertaste, but that was my only complaint. (5.4%)

Czech Republic (tried it in Poland)

Zwierzyniec – ♣♣♣♣♣♣

This was one of the best beers out of many beers I sampled while in Poland. A medium body feel with a nice crisp feel, and a rich malty taste, with a slight taste of honey. Far too easy to drink. There was some amazing Polish beers too, but you’ll forgive me for forgetting some of the names.  Next trip to Poland I will act like a professor of beers.


Hairy Goat, IPA – ♣♣♣♣

McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA – ♣♣♣♣♣♣


A really nice IPA that goes great with mature cheddar. It has a medium body and a nice bitter finish.




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