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Men on Vacation – Where Mars and Marrakech Meet!

We have learned that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” But is it possible for people from different planets to find common ground while on vacation?

What men look for in a vacation is a break from the daily grind. Men want to be free from the burden of the corporate life and the exasperation of being another cog in the machine. They want a place where they can take off the mask and be themselves for a couple of weeks.

Perhaps a few drinks in an iconic bar will do the trick, or maybe he needs to recharge his batteries in the electric atmosphere of a vibrant nightclub by dancing the night away!

A man needs his space! Exploring foreign markets and connecting with people from another culture may add to the excitement for a man on vacation. Then we need to throw in the odd adventure, or a mountain to climb, to make the break complete.

Does this mean that a man must travel alone, or maybe with his trusted male friends? How is it possible to find a place where he can do his ‘man-stuff’ when accompanied by a female travel companion?

Young photographer adjusting settings on his camera. Preparing fWell, search no further, this place exists where; a man can be a man and experience dancing to live music, enjoy the excellent local cuisine, a desert trek, and a mountain hike, and, if traveling with that female companion, take your romance to a new level.

This place is called Marrakech!

Here are some reasons why:-

Iconic trendy bars and restaurants

1. Le Comptoir

This large Art Nouveau villa has a touch of decadence, and it’s where the beautiful people of Marrakech hang out. Start at the upstairs bar for pre-dinner drinks then enjoy a menu of Franco-Moroccan dishes in the lounge. And if that’s not enough, at 9.30 pm the beautiful belly dancers descend the wide staircase to mesmerize you with their gyrating bodies.

2. Le Palace

Le Palace is the place for the romantic evening where the ambiance is sweet, and the restaurant is classy. Dine on the terrace, the bistro or the lounge, the choice is yours. Inlaid mahogany walls and chandeliers set the scene for a fashionable crowd, men in smart jackets and ladies in elegant eveningwear.

3. Churchill Bar

No trip to the bars of Marrakech would be complete without a visit to the place that inspired one of the greatest Englishmen. The Piano Bar at La Mamounia is named after their famous regular guest, Sir Winston Churchill. Let the Art Deco décor, the jazz pianist, and the old Scotch inspire you. For her, there is ‘Mamoune Lady’ (gin, lemon and orange-flower water). But at $20 a cocktail, only former Prime ministers and heads of state can afford to drink here regularly.

4. Lotus Club

If live music, exotic dance troupes, and international cuisine, are your forte thing, then the high-energy Lotus Club is for you.  The Pool Bar gives you some respite for some intimate time out! But be sure to end your evening on the dance floor as the funky resident DJ does his stuff.

Night Clubs

1. Pacha

You may have experienced Ibiza’s Pacha before, but this is the Marrakech version of Pacha. At this complex of hotel, disco, restaurants and pool bar, you can party all night long with up to 3000 other clubbers from around the world.

2. Azar

Azar is located in the Gueliz district, has a great atmosphere with a Moroccan tradition and a modern twist. International cuisine, belly dancers, and a lively DJ to entertain you through the evening.

3. Cantobar

A great place to go with friends. You get a restaurant, piano bar, pub, disco and a karaoke where you can sing with a passion. And to top that, a cabaret where you will hear Arabic and European songs.

Now after all that partying, drinking and eating, any intrepid male traveler (and his female travel companion) might want to resurface and get a real sense of culture and adventure. Marrakech is not without its challenging excursions.

The Marrakech Souks

The old city, the Medina, is a maze of narrow alleyways and every type of stall you can imagine. There is a spice square, a leather square and a place where you can buy handmade metal lanterns, and watch them made on the furnace! Haggling is part of the culture here. If you want to meet the locals on their turf, this is a real chance to get to know them. They will get to know you too when you start to haggle. Pre-arrange with your traveling companion to meet later in your favorite café in Jemaa el-Fna Square, because you are bound to get lost in this place, and Google Maps may not be able to help you!

Camel and Quad Biking Tour from Marrakech

Once you have managed to escape the pulsating souks, you can discover the exquisite beauty of the countryside around Marrakech on this camel and quad-biking tour. Explore the open desert with a guide during your 2-hour camelback ride, and admire fine views over the rugged terrain. Meet a local family for a tagine lunch, then on the quad bike

Enjoy a refreshing cup of Moroccan tea with a local family and gain insight into life outside the busy city. Following a traditional Moroccan tagine lunch, jump on your quad bike and whizz through palm groves and traditional Berber villages and farms.

Climb Mount Toubkal

How often do you get a chance to climb a mountain? This climb is an opportunity to tick one more item off your bucket list. You need two days and a strong constitution. A 90-minute journey takes you from the Medina to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and the mountain village of Imlil, which is where you will start your journey. The first leg of seven hours takes you to the refuge where you will spend the night, and the second leg of 5 hours will get you to the summit 4100 meters above sea level. It’s all downhill after that!


Marrakech is certainly a destination for men, and we didn’t even mention getting your body scrubbed at a Hamman! You can revel in the vibrant nightlife or reach new heights on the Atlas Mountains. If men are from Mars and women from Venus, Marrakech is a place where two worlds can collide! Happy Traveling!


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