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Cheapest European Destinations from Ireland

I’ve written previously about the fantastic app Azuon here, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to fly on a budget. The following are the cheapest destinations that I’ve found using this app, the time frame is summer 2017, flying from various airports in Ireland. You can use skyscanner to find flights to any of these destinations, and you’ll be amazed at how cheap flights the flights are. Time to start holiday planning!


Select Dublin and also check ‘Add nearby airports’ and do the same with you destination. Put your search range to your desired time off, or check the whole summer to find the best deal.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk at night – Img Source

Krakow and Warsaw are the popular destinations in Poland, but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Gdansk is a great option. It is part of a tri-city area, sharing with Gdynia and Sopot. The cities are connected with a really good train connection between them. Gdansk is the place to go for old architechture, but Sopot is a great destination if you’re looking for beaches.

With temperatures in the late 20’s in August, it has nice hot weather that’s quite dependable. Meaning, you can actually go to bed and not have to bring clothes for 3 different seasons like you would in Ireland.

Milan, Italy

There’s something about the architecture of Italian towns…

Not the nicest city in Italy, but definitely a great place to go in summer. There is a breathtaking cathedral and some other beautiful architecture to be seen. The train infrastructure in Italy is fantastic, so you can even use Milan as simply your point of entry, and from there hop on a train to your chosen place in Italy.

Leeds/Newcastle, UK

Leeds nightlife is legendary (Photo taken in Angelika) Img Source

We live in a crazy world where its cheaper to fly to Leeds than it is to get the train from Cork to Dublin. So just embrace this craziness and book a flight. Why not go for a weekend and enjoy the legendary nightlife of one of these cities. I met two girls from Leeds in Sicily, and they are some of the most down to earth lovely people I’ve ever met. My impressions of Northerners have always been positive, and they’re always up for a laugh.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frank Karssing
Forget the tour bus, take a cruise on the canals instead

Maybe this is quite an obvious one. Its already a massively popular destination among people who love to sit in cafes ‘chatting,’ but the city also has amazing architecture and sights to see. You can go for a cruise on one of the many canals, or go to Amsterdam’s answer for Central Park, Vondelpark. Flights to Amsterdam can be found for as little as €30.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Beer tasting on the food tour, definitely a must for a Wandering Irishman. Img Source

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with tonnes of things to do. There’s quite an expensive food tour, but it has great reviews. So if you’re obsessed with food, maybe for you its worth it. There’s a four-hour pub crawl including VIP entry to the biggest venues in the city. Need I say more, sesh-heads?

Faro,  Portugal

Look at that crystal clear water – Img Source

Flights to Faro are insanely cheap from Ireland, and you can fly direct from Cork, Dublin, Knock and Shannon. This cuts out the cost of travelling further than your nearest airport. Faro is obviously going to be full of tourists, but if that’s not your scene, there are day trips to Seville and other locations. In Faro, there’s beautiful beaches and great weather.

Oslo, Norway

Aim for August if you’re planning on visiting Oslo, because flights from Dublin in that month get as low as €32. Return. Yes you read that right. Unfortunately, even though flights are cheap, Norway is an extremely expensive country. If you’re going to drink there, a pint is going to cost you close to €9! Restaurants and hotels won’t be cheap either. That all being said, Norway is an amazing country with some stunning scenery.

Bratislava, Slovakia

The beautiful skyline of Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and sits right on the border with Austria and Hungary. Slovakia is a cheap country if you’re coming from Ireland, so your money will go far here. If you time it right, you can get some very cheap flights from Dublin to Bratislava.

Watch out not to drink too much €1 pints. Food in this city is great and there is tonnes of high quality restaurants to choose from. The weather in Slovakia is great in summer, with temperatures reaching into the 30s.

Sofia, Bulgaria3_45

Bulgaria is an unrated and often overlooked holiday destination. But you can snap up very cheap flights even in summer with Skyscanner or Azuon.

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria and there is tonnes of sights to see there. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a beach holiday, flights to Bourgas and Varna on the coast of the Black sea are quite cheap when you fly via London. Temperatures soar into the mid 30s in summer, with plenty of brilliant sunshine.

So there you have. Get on Skyscanner and start searching for your next holiday! Any questions, leave them in the comments below.



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