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7 Awesome Mobile Apps for Travelling and Holidays

Over the years I’ve used many different apps for travelling, and some of them are extremely useful. Here is a variety of 7 apps I’ve found that are great for packing, planning and managing a great trip.

Note: All the apps in this list can be found by searching the name on the Google playstore.


Galileo Offline Maps app
Map out exactly where you’ve been with Galileo. Img Source

This app allows you to download offline maps of the area you’re in. You can then track your movements with GPS. It maps out exactly where you go. So you can easily retrace your footsteps, maybe finding that nice pub you were in the night before. You’ll never get lost again.

Google Translate (Downloaded language pack)

Google translate is great until you can’t find WiFi to translate ‘Can I have a beer please?’ The easy solution is to download the offline language pack so you can translate anytime. No wifi required and near instant translating at your fingertips.



Jotterpad is a lightweight, simplistic note taker for your phone. It’s perfect to use as a journal to document your holiday, or to write down the names of all the buildings and locations you want to google later.

Cost of Living18472180_1289681254484315_728923186_o

With thousands of cities in its database, Cost of Living is the perfect app to help you calculate your expenses abroad.

It gives you average prices on restaurants, markets and many other categories. This is great for researching and planning your budget prior to going on holidays.

It gives you the expensive items and the cheap items at the top. It allow you to select your currency, and compare one city with another city, for instance your own city and the city you’re visiting.

Its also good for finding out if you’re about to be ripped off or not. The prices are compiled from Numbeo.com.


Spotted by Locals

This app has guides for over 50 cities, curated from locals. If you want an authentic experience that captures the culture of the city you’re visiting, look no further than Spotted by Locals. Trip Advisor is great, don’t get me wrong. But too often, many places that are local favourites are overlooked. With Spotted by Locals, its all handpicked favourites that locals recommend. City guides cost €4, but it’s well worth the expert advice you get.

Search for Spotted by Locals on the Play store/App Store or check out their website here.


Packing can be a headache, but Packpoint can help to make it a little bit easier. Img source

I was always wracking my brain trying to think of everything that I still need to pack, and I always used to forget something. With packpoint, I forget things much less often. It asks you what kind of holiday you’re planning, whether its skiing or a sun holiday. Then it asks how long you’re going for. With that information it compiles a great packing list, usually reminding you of many things you forgot to pack.

Visit a City

This is a great app that really impressed me with the sheer simplistic layout. Its so easy to find a city you’re interested in visiting, and then select a guide based on the time you plan to spend there. You can find tips, sights and things to do, all neatly split into separate categories. Its a really useful resource for planning a full, unforgettable holiday.


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